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Amore Pink Builder

Amore Pink Builder

  • $29.95

Amore Pink Builder

This product is ideal for any type of camouflage on the nail bed. It has a very heavy viscosity, which allows for precise application with no cuticle overflow. A beautiful pink to create the contrast of a French Manicure. Great when used for blue nails (poor circulation), it will enhance the blue tone to a softer pink looking more like a French Manicure. To be used on a damaged nail (car door, hammer etc.) to grow out the bruising. On splits or ridges it will eliminate lifting, demarcation lines more commonly referred to as rings of fire caused by excessive filing on the natural nail. Can be mixed with other components to suit your clients needs

Curing Time:
20 seconds “Freeze for sculpting”
2 minutes Full Cure (9 watt light)
3 minutes Full Cure (6 watt light)
NOTE: Full cure will not be needed because a Clear or Pink Gloss Top or Sculpt & Shine should go over top the pink builder.

It is very important that the pink builder is applied after Bonder and before the Maxima White, Regular White or Ultra White Builder Gel.

Extra Heavy Viscosity - No flowing into white area Eliminates lifting
Non Yellowing - Crisp pink tone Never discolors
Non Self Leveling - Small amount needed (about the size of grain of rice), perfect clarity with no bubbles
No Heat Transfer - For maximum client comfort
Odorless - Spa friendly environment
Non Allergenic - Safe for almost every client

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