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Amore Glitter Pixies

  • $16.95

Prisma Pixie Gels-New UV/LED formulation as of August 2022

Prisma Pixie Gels are TRULY the crème de la crème of glitter gels. They are now formulated with a new UV/LED base that allows for a smoother, creamier, and thinner glitter gel application. These formulations combine different sizes of high grade micro glitter mixed in a new UV/LED medium viscosity, self-leveling base that keeps the glitter suspended, requiring only light mixing. Great for art, full coverage, or just a little bit of bling.  This formula performs BEST at room temperature! Cool rooms will affect application (being thicker, stiffer and not as creamy) Available in 8 ml size.

PIXIE DREAM SERIES- They have all the great qualities of our regular Pixie Gels, but they also contain large additives of all shapes and sizes! Any Pixie Color Name that ends in the with DREAM is part of the series. (Periwinkle Dream, Sea Dream, Disco Dream...etc)

Prisma Pixie Application Tips  ~Can be applied over a complementary colour for more dimension. ~Self-Leveling ~Can be embedded or applied over a sculpted nail. ~Finish with Gloss Top of choice. LED/UV Curing Time: LED-60sec/UV 120sec

***Please note that color names have not changed, but the colors themselves may be slightly different-a few are RADICALLY different! 

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