"I find this product to be very effective, fits in with my weekday morning routine, I can indulge in wine and coffee and know Gellen Pearl gel will restore my enamel back to a whiter shade. Easy to use and tastes minty. Overall, I love my Gellen Pearl whitening care kit and anyone who tries and uses will enjoy this product as well"

-Sofia, Montreal, Quebec

"Gellen Pearl really amazed me and how white already my smile was but hidden due to stains. Gellen Pearl brightened my enamel after just one 20 minute treatment. I got 4 shades whiter."

-Dima, Dubai

"Having some gum issues that constantly bothered me and left me with discomfort. After doing two treatments of Gellen Pearl, I am in disbelief that my teeth have whitened 8 shades and my gum discomfort has vanished."

-Tyrone, Toronto, Ontario

"I avoided the dentist for 6 years. I felt nervous about my gag reflex and my mouth is sensitive. I decided to give Gellen Pearl a try to whiten and help with my oral hygiene. I got 12 shades whiter in just one 10 minute treatment. My next treatment gave me another 8 shades. I didn't experience any sensitivity, I was completely amazed."

-Crystal, Cambridge, Ontario

"I had reservations about having a Gellen Pearl treatment because of my existing tooth decay and sensitive teeth. I experience both hot and cold sensations on my enamel. I recommend this product to anyone because after 1 treatment of 20 minutes I was 6 shades whiter and didn't experience any sensitivity."

-Kathy, Kitchener, Ontario

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